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Pace Antishock

Pace Antishock

PaceMaker Stix Expedition Trekking Poles. Go further and faster with less energy, more stability, and greater safety. Built for toughness, durability, and lightweight high performance. Take your PaceMaker Stix Expedition series poles with you from the heights of the alpine mountain peaks to the riverbed valleys, lakes, and seaside beaches on the shore...

Introducing the York Nordic Shock-Absorber. Our newest model trekking poles are perfect for someone looking for more comfort while walking or hiking. Our shock absorbing technology lets the pole compress a full 8 inches from start to finish...

"Lightweight collapsible trekking pole with soft handle and shock-absorbing system, suit for travel hiking, skiing, walking, climbing. Material: Made of 7075 Aluminum alloy Shaft and Tungsten steel Rod tip with EVA foam handle...

This Nylon-Spandex fabric short featured Italian made Dolomiti pads to create a short that is the best of both worlds. US design and construction fused with Italian technology and craftsmanship equate to an amazing product.

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