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Marine Yacht Truck

Marine Yacht Truck

304 Stainless Steel Adjustable Folding Cup(Mug) Drink Holders for Marine/Boat/Yacht/Truck /RV •Package includes: 1 x 304 adjustable stainless steel cup holder, 4 x stainless steel Screws. •Mount base dimensions: •Length:4" (102 mm) ; •Width:3-7/8" (94...

This 6 Gang LED Touch Screen Panel is a new generation of switch panel-prefect suit for applications in car,boats, trucks,yachts & caravans,etc.It with morden fashion design,Ultra Slim and Flexible Face Plate,making the back of the cockpit space more clean and with less wires...

Innovative Touch Screen Panel We've experienced in swich field for a couple of years, our engineers spent more than one year honing the design of this 6 way Capacitive Touch Screen Panel for those with limited mounting space behind the console and those who are looking for the new style switch panel that reduces the mess of wiring at the back of the switch! It's unique, sleek & compact, great for car, truck, pickup, boat, yacht, marine and more...

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