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Leki Aergon

Leki Aergon

The Leki Aergon Photoadapter is an ingenious devise that converts any Leki trekking pole with an Aergon grip into a stable monopod. The adapter replaces a top section on an Aergon grip, and can be installed in mere minutes...

The sturdy two-part touring pole with the Trigger S Vertical grip innovation. Even when youre clicked in, you can grip the pole and change your gripping position. Whats more, the TV-certified Speed Lock 2 adjustment system enables you to adjust the length quickly and easily, even if its cold and youre wearing gloves.

Leki Photosystem Aluminium Trekking Pole Aergon Photosystem (Single Pole)Features:Just like the Photosystem Carbon, the 'Photosystem Alu' with its fixture details will win over any photographer. Sharp and blur-free pictures with the Aergon photo adapter for easy camera attachment...

DECENT FEATURES of the Leki Cressida AERGON Speed Lock Trekking Poles AERGON Thermo Grip Speed Lock Locking System Interchangeable Basket System Carbide Flextip The SPECS Weight: pair: 15.8 oz Length: 57 - 125 cm

Leki Aergon Condor 2 Trekking Poles-Black/Green-150 cm

Leki Aergon Photoadapter

The Leki Corklite Trekking poles offer the same great features as the standard Corklite but also include the SAS-L Antishock on the lower section for incredible trekking options. They are Ultralite Series poles that feature Aergon Cor-tec Grips and Speed Lock locking mechanism, on the upper section...

FEATURES of the Leki Cristallo Speedlock Trekking Poles 16mm/14mm/12mm HTS 6.5 Series Aluminum shafts for maximum durability Rubber (soft) grip material. 100% natural rubber for positive hand grip and durability Air-textured security strap If the product name has the word "pair" in it, that means it comes with TWO trekking poles...

FEATURES of the Leki Micro Vario Carbon DDS Trekking Poles Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) Anti-shock system. DSS provides reduction of the peak impacts by approx. 40% Optimal dampening features for a controlled pole plant...

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