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Genuine Monkey

Genuine Monkey

Precision A/C construction.Tri-Layer Suppressor technology.Visco-elastic dampening membrane.AVRS (Advanced Vibration Reduction System).Includes weight cap.

ViBrake X Nocks make the arrow quieter in flight and lighten groups by eliminating vibration in the shot. Package of 12. The above description is wrong: The description should Be: Personalize your bow with Mathews Custom Dampening accessories...

The do-it-yourself string and cable damping system. No bow press needed and installs in seconds. Four Monkey TailsTM equates to a minimal speed loss of 1-2 fps total with virtually all string and cable sound and vibration eliminated.

This soft genuine leather fanny waist belt pack bag is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are a vendor at a swap meet, garage sale, or on vacation sight seeing, this fanny pack has a total of 4 zippered pockets and a convenient dual cell phone pockets with velcro closure that can even fit a smart phone or Ipod up to 2...

Designed primarily to be attached to and worn on the chest area of a tactical vest or body armor, Maxpedition's new 9811 MONKEY COMBAT ADMIN POUCH solves many of the problems plaguing admin pouches currently on the market while optimizing carry capacity in a compact and organized package.

Celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster with this laser and auto engraved Red Matte lighter. Comes packaged in an environmental friendly gift box. For optimal performance, fill with Zippo premium lighter fluid.

Love the outdoors? Need a rough and tough necklace to fit your life style? Try our handmade, super tough paracord .308 bullet projectile sniper necklace. We use the same cords, parachutes use to keep their sails attached and pair it with an genuine once-fired ...

In its heyday, this puppy could pierce armor at a rate of more than 4,200 rounds per minute. Now it?s ready to retire and serve on your desk as a paperweight. This authentic 30mm collector cannon round was fired from an A-10 Warthog and it?s GAU-8/A Avenger barrel Gatling type cannon system...

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