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8x Alloy Tent

8x Alloy Tent

Packing include: 1 Gearupz Brand Mesh Bag 1 Waterproof Bag For Tent Stakes 1 Plastice Camping Hammer 4 Reflective Guyline ( 6.5ft per Guyline ) 4 Adjusters For Guyline 10 Aluminum Tent Stakes Tent Stakes: Our tent stakes are manufactured from 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy which provides an exceptional strength to weight ratio...

Whether it's a cool, spring drizzle or those searing, summer rays, the Andake offers quick protection from nature's milder annoyances. Andake rain tarp shelter can be used in triangle or rectangle form or used as mat tile on the ground...

☛: NOTE: ☛:1. Please tighten the tail cap, otherwise it might not work because of a loose battery contact ☛:2. Please keep the tail cap and clean, If the control panel of tail cap is dirty, it may cause the battery to a bad contact, resulting in not lit...

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